Saddle Nose Caused by Syphilis – What’s the Connection?

Low nasal bridge, sometimes it is caused by infectious or genetic diseases. The general underlying cause is determined and treated soon after birth.

The characteristics of a child, of course, are less developed at birth and in time, the nose bridge can acquire a more normal appearance.

The Saddle Nose Surgical Center of Western Illinois states: “One of the most shocking symptoms of advanced syphilis is the gaping hole left in the center of the face where the disease had eaten away the flesh and cartilage of the nose. Early and proper treatment of infections such as Syphilis, Leprosy or Tuberculosis reduces possible damage to the nose.”

Syphilis in Infants and Babies

If syphilis is not treated in newborn babies, it exhibits itself in adults with signs of:

  • deafness,
  • blunted teeth, (incisors),
  • swollen knees
  • and saddle nose syphilis.

Almost 50 percent of infants with congenital syphilis are stillborn or die shortly after birth, according to the National Institutes of Health ( NIH , 2012 ).

If the doctor suspects that the child’s nose shape is caused by an underlying problem, you can order tests to detect genetic abnormalities or other health problems.

Tests may include:

  • X-rays to see the child’s nose structure
  • chromosomes tests for detecting genetic abnormalities
  • blood tests to detect infection and check the levels of enzymes

The fact that a person or a child have low nasal bridge (also called saddle nose) without prejudice to the breath. You can reshape the nasal bridge with plastic surgery, if the person bothering to look.

Causes of Saddle Nose

The underlying causes of low nasal bridge are present at birth. They are usually diagnosed at birth or soon after it. The causes include genetic disorders, birth defects, and infectious diseases.

Congenital syphilis is a severe and potentially life-threatening infection in infants. Babies born with congenital syphilis frequently have no bridge to nose (saddle nose) and severe congenital pneumonia.

Treatment of Saddle Nose

Building or nose Nasal Reconstruction manufacturing in pathological cases or cancer that the patient loses his nose. Or get deformed in the bones and cartilage that needs to add the bones and cartilage to highlight the shape of the external nose.

Are taking these bones and cartilage from the same person either from the pelvic bones or ribs or ear flap and skin to cover the bones from nearby or remote bodies as the extremities or the abdominal tissue.

And can be used for industrial materials such as (silicone instead of bone or cartilage or put artificial nose in the case of the impossibility of conducting operations for many reasons.

From a developmental point of view of the nose, saddle nose cosmetic surgery is best performed after puberty is more appropriate that after 17 years were, because when the nasal bone and soft bone hair infertility has been basically finalized, it will not be too much after changes. Medical Aesthetic Plastic surgery is called to elevate Biliang rhinoplasty.